The Closest Island to Heaven
A new spot
born in the land of Yoron.

Let’s work together to create “AMADA,” a place loved by customers, local residents, and everyone else.

AMADA is looking for the following people.

Application guidelines

Working hours 08:00-18:00 Shift system (hours vary depending on employment status)
Location 2483-7, Chahana-Udani, Yoron-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
People we are looking for People who like to make people happy, people who like to clean, people who want to work in a resort area.
Selection Process Document screening and interview
How to apply Please apply by phone or by clicking “Inquire about employment” at the bottom of this page.
Academic background not required

*Smoking is prohibited in all facilities.
 We can consult with you regarding dates of employment.

Full-time employee

Job Description Customer transportation, cleaning, equipment management, public relations
Working hours Shift system (8 hours a day in principle)
Qualifications Regular driver’s license
Holidays 120 days off per year, paid vacations *We can accommodate double work, etc.
Trial period 2 months
Salary 200,000 yen/month
Salary increase and bonus Assessed once a year *Depends on the length of service and other company regulations
Benefits Employment insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance, and others.
*Social insurance is applicable for employees who work 30 hours or more per week.
Allowance Overtime allowance, etc.


Job Description Room cleaning, customer service, etc.
Working hours 08:00-18:00 (shifts: morning, noon, evening, night (from 5 hours a day))
Qualifications None (20 years old or older)
Trial period 1 month
Salary 1,050 yen/hour~

AMADA’s lifemerit

  • 01Enlivening Yoron Together

    Yoron’s population and industry are shrinking. Why don’t you express the charm of Yoron as you feel it and spread it together with us? In our public relations activities, we ask you to introduce the daily life, flora and fauna, seasonal conditions, etc. in Yoron on our website. We hope that this nature, which has healed the hearts of many people, will continue to be a source of emotional support for others in the future.

  • 02Creating AMADA Together

    AMADA welcomes your positive suggestions. In addition to activities in the facility, such as swimming pools in summer and saunas in winter, we would like to plan events in cooperation with the local community. We hope to enhance the charm of Yoron so that our guests can spend their time as they wish. Let’s create AMADA together.

  • 03The Best Memories at AMADA

    We want not only our guests, but also employees to have the best memories working at AMADA, so that they can be proud of working at AMADA and want their loved ones to stay there. We will support you so that you can work with enthusiasm and vigor.