Measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

In order to ensure that our guests can spend best time here, we are taking the following measures to prevent infection by COVID 19. Our employee is wearing masks, thorough hand washing, gargling, temperature checks, the use of alcohol disinfectant, and proper ventilation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Yoron will be,
must be your new home town.

The nature of Yoron has been loved and protected by the islanders and many people around the world. Do you know the beautiful flora, fauna, and history that lie in the sea and mountains of Yoron? Once you become a captive of the sound of waves and the clear world, you will want to return to this place. No matter how old you are, Yoron is waiting for you here.


AAA (Triple A) grade
superb experience for our customers.

Yoron Island, where AMADA is located, is the closest island in the Amami Islands to the main island of Okinawa, about 23 km from the northernmost tip of the main island. The island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. All beaches on this small island are beautiful, but AMADA is located right in front of the top class beach, Shinapa Beach.

Anywhere on the island.
The scope of workcation is not limited to the villa.

AMADA promotes workcations for our guests. You can work on your computer on the beach or have a meeting with a projector by the poolside of the villa. It will give you a chance to think of new ideas and rethink your working style.

AMADA's Lifeluxury space

  • 01Poolside with a glass of wine

    The wine cellar has about 20 bottles of a wide range of wines selected by the sommelier, and you can enjoy wine and time while watching a movie on the large wall screen next to the pool. An extraordinary space will be waiting for you.

  • 02Cactus sauna

    A genuine cypress-scented barrel sauna. Succulents visible from there. AMADA has prepared a space to prepare. (Please select this option when making a reservation.)

  • 03Pool of Light and Stars

    We have a completely private swimming pool. Enjoy the blazing tropical sunshine during the day and the star-filled sky at night, and enjoy a supreme moment.

  • 04Private barbecue

    Barbecue stoves are available for rent. Our staff will clean up when you are not here, so please feel free to use the stove. For information on restaurants, we have also prepared a booklet that provides information on nearby facilities.

Movies and wine make your luxury time supreme.

Spend the finest time at the pool with your friends.


AMADA's prices and plans, as well as the facilities, rules, and services offered in the villa.