About staying

  • Q What is the maximum number of people that can stay per day?
    A The maximum number of guests can stay is 4.
  • Q Can I bring my pet to stay with me?
    A We do not allow pets.
  • Q Can I invite people other than guests for meals, parties, etc.?
    A AIn principle, guests are not allowed to invite people other than those who have applied to stay at the hotel without permission.

About Reservations

  • Q Is early check-in/late check-out possible?
    A As a rule, we request check-in at 16:00 and check-out at 11:00. However, there are cases where we can accommodate your request, so please consult with us on the day of your stay.
    (with charge)
  • Q Is it possible to check out before 11:00?
    A Please contact us at least 3 days prior to your stay.
  • Q Cancellation in case of flight cancellation due to typhoon
    A In this case, we will refund the full amount. (Please be sure to call and inform us of your cancellation before check-in.)

Facilities and Equipment

  • Q Is Wi-Fi available?
    A We have Wi-Fi available in the facility so use this service. Please refer to your room book for the password.
  • Q What amenities are available in the rooms?
    A Please refer to “Amenities” on the “Rates and Plans” page.
  • Q Do you have loungewear?
    A We do not provide it.
  • Q Are there any smoking rooms or guest rooms where smoking is allowed?
    A Smoking is not permitted on the premises. Please use the smoking areas nearby.

About meals

  • Q Is seasoning available in the kitchen?
    A Salt, pepper, and soy sauce are available.
  • Q Are there any recommended stores in the neighborhood?
    A Please refer to “Sightseeing” on the “Price” page.
  • Q I would like to enjoy cooking in the kitchen, but where can I buy ingredients?
    A There is a supermarket “A Coop Yoron” located 5 minutes away by car. For details, please refer to the Yoron Introduction booklet available at the facility.
  • Q Is barbecue available?
    A Yes, you can rent a barbecue stove. Please purchase foodstuffs at a nearby grocery store, etc. before using the stove.
  • Q Are there drinks in the refrigerator in the room?
    A Mineral water (free of charge) is available in the refrigerator, and various types of wine (charged) are available in the wine cellar.
    ※Please pay for the wine when you check out.


  • Q Is it possible to send packages by mail in advance?
    A We do not accept shipment in advance.
  • Q What payment methods are available in the facility?
    A Credit cards, QR payments, etc. are accepted. Please refer to the bottom of the「Price」 page for details.
  • Q Is it possible to swim at the beach in front of the inn?
    A Yes, it is. Please enjoy Shinaha Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Yoron Island.